Friday, March 20, 2015

iL Capo (Pizza)

One of my favorite pizza restaurants is now open in Juffair.  iL Capo now open in American Alley and they deliver (1726-2626).  We ordered the New York Pepperoni (7.7BD) with extra green olives (.6BD). Yes, a little expensive, but this is one big pizza! If you haven't tried the fried garlic bread, you should for an additional 1.6BD.  We decided to go all the way and ordered the Cannoli for 1.6BD.  The connoli was ok, but the pizza and garlic bread were delicious.  

Friday, February 6, 2015

Le Chocolat (Breakfast)

If you're looking for an alternate breakfast spot, I would like to recommend Le Chocolat.  My wife and I like to visit the Seef location. Today's breakfast consisted of the Italian Omelet (2.5BD) and a Cappuccino (1.5BD).  The Omelet came with a small salad, grilled mushrooms, an omelet on a bed of hash brown potatoes and toast. The omelet is normally served with pesto, be we both order without.  I've been for breakfast on a couple occasions and have never been disappointed. 


Monday, February 2, 2015

Karajah Gourmet

My wife and I were in Juffair waiting for our order at Round Table in the Al Raya Mall, and noticed a new shop that just opened up right across the dining area. We went on over to check it out. Turns out, Karajah Gourmet is a shop that offers a lot of regional cheeses, olives and similar products.  The Manager was quick to offer us a variety of samples, including several Jordanian cheeses and Laban.  The samples we tried were very good. We'll be heading back to try some of these products.  The shop will also be offering breakfast soon.  This may be a good opportunity to try some of these regional treats. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Lava Burger

Lava Burger is open near the Nestle Cafe in Nasser shopping plaza. Lava is another burger restaurant who serves organic, grass fed beef.  My wife and I ordered a Cheese Burger each (2.6BD) an order of Chunky Fries (1.5BD) and the Mozzarella Sticks (2.5BD)  Add a couple drinks and the total bill came to 11.5BD.   I enjoyed everything on the plate.  Lava burger is very similar to Elevation burger, in taste and price.  If I were to compare Lava Burger and Elevation burger, I would say I enjoyed the burger at Elevation better (the fresh cheddar cheese was the winner) but would vote for the Chunky Fries at Lava Burger.  None the less, I would recommend you try both places and make the call yourself. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bahrain Autumn Fair

Thousands of visitors have bee flocking to the Bahrain Expedition Center to see the hundreds of booths selling garments, scents, furniture, trinkets, carpets and you name it at the Bahrain Autumn Fair.  Of course, I go there strictly to check out the many  different food booths.  There were many venders offering honey, candy, nuts, drinks and spices.  My favorite each year is the pizza and donuts. So, if you're going to attend the fair, bring a few extra Fills for the food.  

Yemen Honey 



Coffee and Tea





Friday, January 23, 2015

Jim's (Steak)

Jim's, in Adliya, offers a variety of menu items, including steaks.  On the recommendation of a good friend, I went for the filet with a whiskey mushroom sauce (11BD).  The steak was definitely one of the better ones on the island.  As you can see by the picture below, the side of potatoes and veggies were a little lacking, but the steak itself was very good, cooked to perfection (in my case, medium rare).  What really made this a great meal, was Jim's is back in the 2015 Entertainer Guide.  So, steaks for two, a couple diet cokes and a little tax, the meal came out to 14.95BD.  With that kind of savings, I'll splurge for an appetizer on my next visit. 


Monday, January 19, 2015

Cafe Spasso (Pizza)

My wife and I really enjoy pizza and a salad.  We found a place where you can have your pizza, with your salad served on top of the pizza.  Cafe Spasso, located in the Nasser Shopping Center, serves a variety of dishes, including the Healthy Salad Pizza, as the menu calls it.  We ordered the Ceaser Salad (Classico) for 7.2BD.  We ordered extra pepperoni (1.8BD) and green olives (.800BD).  The hard part about this meal is trying to figure out how to eat the salad.  I started off eating the salad with a fork, but then found it best to roll the pizza up, salad and all, and eat it like that. The pizza was huge for just the two of us, but it was very good. Add a couple diet cokes and a surcharge, the total bill was 12.50. I thought the rise in price for the pepperoni and olives was a bit steep, but I would definitely recommend the experience.